Nursing Team

Mrs Rosalind Hoyle
Clinical Nurse Manager

Mildred Ackron
Practice Nurse

District Nursing

District nurses are ‘attached’ to the Practice but are based at Waddon Clinic.

A district nurse is a qualified nurse who has undertaken additional training, which enables them to assess the needs of an individual patient in his/her own home during periods of illness and incapacity. Their aim is to assist the patient and family to become as independent as possible. The district sister is the leader of a team of nurses working with general practitioners and all other professionals in the health care team.

  • The district nurse’s main role is to work with sick people in their own homes and to offer advice and support to the family, teaching them to care for their sick relatives
  • The district nurse also provides services such as leg ulcer clinics in the Health Centres and Clinics
  • District nurses are skilled in symptom control assessment and care of the seriously ill
  • They undertake assessment of continence problems with advice on improving the condition and prescribe aids when required, in conjunction with the community continence adviser and link nurses
  • District nurses liaise with other services on the patients behalf e.g. Social Services, Intensive Home Care, Meals on Wheels or the Voluntary services

Health Visitors

The Role of your health visitor:

  • Health visitors lead a team of people who may be involved in the care of your children. These include community health nurses, registered nurses and nursery nurses.
  • They will normally visit you when your baby is born, and then follow your child until they go to school.
  • Health visitors have links with specialists in the health service and other agencies. They can refer your child for tests if, for example, there are concerns about hearing, sight, etc. In these situations, they can act as an advocate for your child.
  • They also work closely with Social Services and the Police if there are concerns about child abuse.
  • They also work with children with special needs and those who are born with a disability.